Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Arabs, Catalans and Aragonese, English, French and finally Spaniards again… The history of Menorca has been filled by countless cultures that have shaped it as it is. Quiet and beautiful, original and endearing. Stick around and read for a while with us so we are going to show you the best round trip on Menorca.

  • Cala en Turqueta, Spain, best round trip Menorca
  • Cliffs of the north coast of Menorca, best round trip Menorca at Cala Morell.
  • natural bay and white architecture at the north coast of Menorca in Cala Morell. Best round trip Menorca.
  • Port of Ciutadella at sunset on Menorca island. Best round trip on Menorca

What is Menorca about?

Menorca is a quite small Spanish island with 97.000 inhabitants. It is situated in the Balearic archipelago, close to Mallorca. Menorca is ideal for relaxing beach holidays along its rugged coastline, rocky coves and inlets. The island has plenty of small resorts around at the beautiful bays and sandy beaches.

Nevertheless, Menorca is not only about beaches. It also has a very important cultural part, like prehistoric settlements, remains of the Talayotic Culture, white villages and two very interesting towns.

The best round trip on Menorca

We propose an itinerary to be done in a weekend or a short citybreak of two or three days. The distances in Menorca are not long and the roads are good. You can spend longer on the island and for sure you won’t be bore. Otherwise you could even visit more beaches, “calas” and white villages. Anyhow, we would recommend to enjoy the calm rhythm of the island and choose some few targets to dedicate a bit of time. You won’t regret it!

The steps of the best round trip on Menorca

We have selected ten spots on the island. We have tried to present on it the diversity of the island in order to make an interesting and complete itinerary.


Mahón, at the eastern end of the island, is the capital of Menorca. The island’s airport is close and its port is one of the largest natural harbours in Europe. 

Mahón is beautiful, with its attractive mixture of colonial and local architecture. In the downtown, there is a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants. The area around the port has a lively nightlife of restaurants and cafes that give the port a special atmosphere. The visitor should go to the Church of Santa María, which houses a huge organ with 3,006 pipes and four keyboards. Near the church you can spot the market of Claustre del Carmen, where you will find local products. 

Pay special attention to the famous local gin, Xoriguer. This is a heritage from English times and a pride for locals. You can visit the factory and learn more about the oldest Mediterranean gin.

Es Castell

Es Castell is located close to Mahón, actually is part of its natural port. This is the most easterly town in Spain and is the most British town of Menorca. The British engineers built Es Castell during the 18th and they named it Georgetown. Since the English Barracks with its walls and canyons were there, the locals started to call it “Es Castell” (The castle in Catalan Menorquin language). 

Nowadays it is a very beautiful town with still some colonial architecture. The port is simply perfect for a nice stroll. 


Binibeca is not a proper village. It looks like a traditional fishing village but it was built in 1972. Since they done it idyllic and cute, became fast one of the most touristic places on the island. Its narrow streets and whitewashed houses are very instagramable. It is good for a visit and to check the concept.

Cales Coves

Cales Coves is a group of coves and caves in the south of Menorca protected by spectacular cliffs. This small paradise is a perfect place to anchor all types of boats despite being included in the Natural Area of ​​Special Interest.

Although the sandy areas are very small on this beach, Cales Coves is quite famous among tourists and locals due to the quiet sea that looks like a swimming pool. Close to Cales Coves you can find the best sunset ever at Cala d’en Xoroi.

La Naveta Des Tudons is the most famous prehistoric monument in Menorca and the Balearic Islands in general. This is a funerary monument built-in 1000 BC. It is said to be the oldest building in all of Europe. Even though is a very simple construction of the Talayotic culture is as well very worth visiting.

Naveta des Tudons, the oldest funerary monument (1000 BC.), belonging to the Talayotic culture of the Menorca.


Ciutadella was the capital of the island during the Arab occupation. According to our taste it is the most beautiful town on the Island. Its historical streets are full of charm and varied tourist offers that make it a must see on Menorca. 

The visitor should not miss the port, the downtown and the Cathedral of Santa Maria. The town is calm but it has plenty of options to eat, drink and enjoy life. Don’t forget to book, for some special dates is very needed!

Cala en Turqueta

Cala en Turqueta is about turquoise waters and fine sand. Those make the name of the small beack because of the reflection of the lights. Like many other coves, Cala Turqueta is hidden among pine trees. To get there you must go by car and park in its parking lot. Once there, you will have to walk about 10 minutes to reach it. That is more than worth it!

Cala en Turqueta is famous and can be overcrowded, so breath deeply before getting on the sand in summer. It has bathrooms nearby and there is a lifeguard. There is also a small beach bar. Cala Turqueta is very close to Macarella, another of the essential coves.

Cala Morell

Indeed, Cala Morell is the perfect natural location for a modern summer white village. The impressive cliffs and the nice coves make the difference. You will see! 

Next to Cala Morell there is one of the interesting prehistoric Necropolis you can visit on Menorca.  

Cala Viola de Ponent

Cala Viola de Ponent is a small beach located in Cape Cavalleria that is divided into two bathing areas by the rocks. It is a beach of coarse sand mixed with gravel, a type of sand that does not stick as much to the body as the fine white sand of the southern beaches. This is still a quite alternative spot. Close to it you can find Cavalleria Lighthouse.

Favàritx Lighthouse

Favàritx Lighthouse is our favorite on Menorca. It is iconic and beautiful. To arrive you will need to drive on some narrow and rural roads. in reward you will be able to enjoy the cliff environment of the S’Albufera des Grau Natural Park as well as some splendid sea views on arrival.

Top experiencies on Menorca

How to get to Menorca


Menorca has an airport (MAH) and a small aerodrome. All commercial flights arrive at the airport while the aerodrome only receives private planes. Menorca airport is located 4 kilometers from Mahón, the island’s capital. It is a small but modern airport with all the services of an airport that receives millions of travelers every year.


The boat option to get to Menorca allows to bring your own car. There are connections with Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Mallorca and the South of France. The companies are Balearia and Transmediterranea in Spain and Corsica Ferries with France.

The boats arrive at the port of Mahón or Ciutadella, the two main cities of the island and each one located at the opposite end of it.

To move around on your best round trip on Menorca


The most convenient way of moving around on the island is by car. We recommend to chech the price with rentalcars, since you can compare all the offers of the companies and choose the most convenient for you.


A very cool eco-friendy way of moving around on a small island is by bike. You could check the availability of bike on Menorca just here!

Where to stay on Menorca for your best round trip on Menorca

There are thousands of options for all tastes and budgets. Nevertheless, if you have only one shot I would stay in Ciutadella.

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