Help Ukraine!

We have collected some useful links from trusted sources to help Ukraine. Please spread this information. If you have more links to any other non-profit organisations – where people can donate or help in any way, please share the link in the comment section. Please only promote trusted & reliable places! We will add all of them to the list.

Especially, if you have any supporting links for refugees from the bordering countries: Poland, Slovakia, Romania & Hungary – share it immediately!

From Ukraine

From Hungary

  • Hungarian Interchurch Aid: ​​ 
  • Unicef Hungary: 
  • Razom: They are a non-profit organization supporting the people of Ukraine in their pursuit of a democratic society with dignity, justice, and human and civil rights for all. Razom coordinates groups of volunteers and fundraising efforts to build a prosperous Ukraine project by project: 
  • Bridge for Transcarpathia Program: A bridge for Transcarpathia can be supported. The number 1357 can be called,, all calls cost 500 HUF. The account number for donations: 11711711-22222222.
  • We can donate directly from Hungary even via one phone call. We can call the following numbers from any Hungarian number:
    1. 1357 – HĂ­d KĂĄrpĂĄtaljĂĄĂ©rt program / Bridge for “Zakarpattia Oblast” / Transcarpathia Program 
    2. 1358 – Magyar ReformĂĄtus SzeretetszolgĂĄlat / Hungarian Reformed Charity Service 
    3. 1359 – Magyar Vöröskereszt / Hungarian Red Cross
    4. 1350 – Magyar MĂĄltai SzeretetszolgĂĄlat / Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta 
    5. 1353 – Magyar Ökumenikus SegĂ©lyszervezet / Hungarian Interchurch Aid
    6. 1355 – Baptista SzeretetszolgĂĄlat / Baptist Charity
    7. 1356 – Karitasz / Caritas

From UK

From Spain

From Poland

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