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Calafell is a vivid & historical town. The old part we can find atop a hill, 1.5 kilometres from its coastal counterparts, Segur and Calafell Beach. The area is a popular holiday destination, set between Tarragona and Barcelona. It is around 47 kilometres from Reus Airport and 60 kilometres from Barcelona Airport. It also gives home to Ciutadella IbĂ©rica de Calafell – the Iberian village in Calafell.

Besides that, Calafell is an ideal destination for those wishing to combine a beach holiday, with a chance to explore the Costa Daurada. Some of the wonderful old Roman and medieval towns are also in the area. Including Calafell itself. The beach of Calafell is a lovely five-kilometer stretch of golden sand. Also, they awarded the beaches from the Segur Yacht Club to L’Estany Beach with European blue flag for cleanliness.

Visiting the Iberian village in Calafell

We can relatively easily find the Iberian village, as there are many road signs showing the route in the town. Its surroundings are going through a renovation, including road and parking constructions at the moment, but it’s still comfortably accessable. (Information from March 2022).

The settlement is open for public, even on weekends and the entrance ticket is 4 EUR for adults. The visit is not more than 1-2 hours, but very interesting and entertaining for kids as well. We can wander among the old stone walls, review old habits and occupations. They decorated some of the houses & rooms nicely as per the old Iberian standards. This way, we can imagine how life could be those times.

It’s an unforgettable journey back in the time of the Iberians. Also, we can discover and relive the history of these ancestors of ours. It is indeed a unique cultural facility. Where twenty years of archaeological excavations have allowed the “in-situ” reconstruction of this site. After rigorous studies, archaeologists have reproduced the appearance of its walls. Then they recreated the streets and houses from the 6th to the 1st century BC.

As a result, this visit will allow you to get to know the ways of life, customs and fundamental features of Iberian culture. Also, the panorama is outstanding from the top of the settlement. We can even see till the coastal promenade of Segur de Calafell.

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