Buddhist Monastery in Garraf – Sakya Tashi Ling

After visiting Sri Lanka, we got very curious about this place again Catalonia, that actually we wanted to visit for some time now: The Sakya Tashi Ling Buddhist Monastery in Garraf. The Sakya Tashi Ling is a monastery belonging to one of four Buddhist schools from Tibet, the Sakyapa tradition. It is an ancient order that follows the Tibetan spiritual leader and ancient king Sakya Trizin.

The monastery in Garraf is ruled by Lama Jamyang Tashi Dorje. It was established in July 1996, in the municipality of Olivella in the comarca of Garraf. Ten years after its foundation, the community moved into the Plana Novella palace, deep inside the Garraf Natural Park. Which is 40 minutes away from Barcelona. It is not the first Buddhist monastery in Catalonia. The first one is Kagyu Samye Dzong, founded in 1977.

La Plana Novella – The history of the building

Plana / Palau Novella is an old Indiano palatial home – built in the 19th century. It is an old country estate on a small plain in the middle of the Garraf Massif National Park. About three kilometres to the east of Jafra and within the municipal boundary of the town of Olivella. It is notable for being in an almost uninhabited rural area, despite being about half an hour’s drive from Barcelona.

In 1885, the estate got to Pere Domenech i Grau. Who built a large mansion, Palau Novella (Novella Palace), on it. Ten years later he went bankrupt and the Spanish government took over the estate and reclassified as an agricultural colony.

The architectural style of the mansion is eclectic. It can be described as a “castle of props”, as if it were the set of a theatre. The most original stylistic building of la Plana Novella is the courtyard in the Gaudi style. But one of the most characteristic and eye-catching elements is the lavatory, “the throne”.

How to get to the Garraf Natural Park & to the Monastery

By train

  • Garraf is the last stop before Sitges, approximately 25 minutes from Barcelona-Sants.
  • By train (Rodalies) from Sants EstaciĂł on line 2 with direction St. Vicenç de Calders.

By car or motorbike

  • Take motorway to Castelldefels until the A-16 or taking the Tarragona-Sitges to Costes del Garraf.

What to do in the Monastery?

Visit La Colònia Agrícola Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the privileged setting of the terraces in “el pati del safareig gaudinià“. Just right after the entrance gate we need to turn left and we will be able to find it.

The restaurant is committed to the cultural and gastronomic heritage of our environment. That is why being able to recover and reinterpret the historic Colònia Agrícola Plana Novella was one of their goals. The original Colònia Agrícola Plana Novella, established in 1890 by the owners Pere Domènech and Maria de Vilanova.

Their Mediterranean spirit and vocation aspires to offer us an excellent gastronomic experience. With local, top-quality products prepared with great love and care in their kitchens. So that the lunch experience in their restaurant contributes to a meaningful and healthy philosophy of life.

Learn to meditate

The curriculum of the Sakya Tashi Ling Buddhist Monks Institute is easy to understand for people to approach. Also they can deepen the thought and practice of Buddhist meditation. With a contemporary perspective in order to achieve a healthy life. That is meaningful and in balance with the modern world. You can read about their studies plan here more.

Take part in a guided tour

There are tours in English language as well. In the 45min guided tour, the visitor will know the history of this site. By visiting the interior of the palace and the chapel. As well as learn the history of the Community and get an overview of the Buddhist philosophy principles. Sakya Tashi Ling proposal is an occidental interpretation of the Buddhist teachings to develop a healthy and meaningful life today. We recommend that you book your ticket in advance. You can either buy it online or in the Monastery.

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