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Exploring the History and Mysteries of the Chateau d’If: A Fortress Prison off the Coast of Marseille


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Chateau d’If is a famous fortress located on the island of If, which is situated off the coast of Marseille, France. The fortress was built in the 16th century and served as a prison for political and religious prisoners for many years. It is most well-known for its inclusion in Alexandre Dumas’ novel “The Count of Monte Cristo,” in which the main character, Edmond Dantès, is imprisoned there. Today, Chateau d’If is a popular tourist attraction and visitors can take a boat from the Marseille harbor to explore the fortress and its history. In this article we explain why to visit Chateau d’If.

History of Chateau d’If

The Chateau d’If has a rich and fascinating history dating back to the 16th century. The purpose of the fortress was to protect the city of Marseille from invaders, particularly the Spanish, who were a major threat at the time. Construction began in 1524 under the orders of King Francis I, and it lasted till 1531.

Over the centuries, the fortress had a variety of purposes. In the 17th century, it became a prison and a place of exile for political and religious prisoners. Many of the prisoners were high-ranking officials or nobles who had fallen out of favor with the ruling monarchs.

One of the most famous prisoners held at Chateau d’If was the man who inspired Alexandre Dumas’ character Edmond Dantès in “The Count of Monte Cristo.” His name was Pierre Picaud, and he was imprisoned at Chateau d’If in the early 19th century. He spent several years there before they released him and then he was seeking revenge on those who had wronged him.

Chateau d’If in the modern times

In the 19th century, they used the fortress primarily as a military storage facility. It became also briefly as a quarantine station during a cholera outbreak.

Today, Chateau d’If is a popular tourist attraction, and visitors can explore the fortress and learn about its history. It is particularly famous for its inclusion in “The Count of Monte Cristo” and attracts many fans of the novel who want to see the prison where Edmond Dantès lived.

Things to do in Chateau d’If

Chateau d’If offers visitors a range of interesting activities and things to do. Here are some popular options

Explore the Fortress

Visitors can explore the various parts of the fortress, including the ramparts, towers, and prison cells. There are also several exhibitions and displays that provide insight into the history of the fortress and its prisoners.

Take a Guided Tour

Guided tours are available, and they provide an informative and engaging way to learn about the history of Chateau d’If. Many tours are available in multiple languages to cater to international visitors.

Enjoy the Views

The fortress offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding coastline. Visitors can take in the views from various vantage points, including the top of the towers.

Visit the Gift Shop

The Chateau d’If gift shop offers a range of souvenirs and gifts, including books about the fortress and “The Count of Monte Cristo,” postcards, and other memorabilia.

Relax at the Cafe

There is a cafe on the island where visitors can enjoy refreshments and snacks. It’s a great spot to take a break and soak up the atmosphere.

Take a Boat Trip

Visitors can take a boat trip from Marseille to Chateau d’If, which provides an opportunity to see the fortress from the water and enjoy the scenic views of the coast. Some boat tours also include visits to other nearby islands.

Overall, Chateau d’If is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history, literature, or just enjoying the stunning scenery of the Mediterranean coast.

How to get to Chateau d’If

By boat

To get to Chateau d’If, visitors need to take a boat from the Vieux-Port (Old Port) of Marseille, which is located in the city center. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Take the metro or bus to the Vieux-Port station, which is on Line 1 of the metro and several bus lines.
  2. Walk to the Quai des Belges, which is the harbor area where the boats depart for Chateau d’If. It’s a short walk from the metro or bus station.
  3. Buy a ticket for the boat. There are several boat companies that offer trips to Chateau d’If, and we can buy tickets at the ticket office or online in advance.
  4. Board the boat and enjoy the scenic journey to the island. The boat trip takes about 20-30 minutes.

Note that boats to Chateau d’If do not run all year round, and schedules can vary depending on the season. It’s best to check the boat schedules in advance and plan accordingly. Also, be aware that the island can be full during peak tourist season, so it’s advisable to arrive early in the day to avoid crowds.

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Useful information about Chateau d’If

Where to find Chateau d’If?

Chateau d’If is located on a small island of the same name, which is situated in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Marseille, France. The island is about 3.5 kilometers from the Marseille harbor and can only be accessed by boat. Visitors can take a boat from the Vieux-Port (Old Port) of Marseille, which is located in the city center, to reach the island.

Is Chateau d’If safe?

The island and fortress are well-maintained, and there are security measures in place to ensure the safety of visitors. However, as with any tourist destination, visitors should take basic precautions to ensure their own safety. Visitors should also be aware of the weather conditions, as the island can be subject to strong winds and rough seas in the winter months.

When is the best time to visit Chateau d’If?

The best time to visit Chateau d’If is during the shoulder seasons of spring (April-May) and fall (September-October), when the weather is mild, and the crowds are smaller. During these seasons, visitors can enjoy the fortress and the island’s stunning scenery without having to contend with the larger crowds and higher prices of peak tourist season.

Best experiences in Marseille – besides Chateau d’If

Marseille has everything a visitor needs to have a great experience. Its natural beauty draws visitors from around the world- along with its numerous important sites and cultural heritage. As far as things to do in Marseille go, there are plenty of activities available for visitors.

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