Cheb is a town located in the western part of the Czech Republic near the German border, and is a relatively lesser-known destination for tourists compared to larger cities like Prague or Cesky Krumlov. However, Cheb does have its own unique charm and attractions to offer. We went to Cheb after a visit to Františkovy Lázně. We never heard about this town before so it was a very kind surprise for us. In this article, we will discover for you why to go to Cheb in the Czech Republic.

Tourists who visit Cheb can explore its historic Old Town with well-preserved medieval architecture, including the iconic Black Tower, which offers panoramic views of the town. The town is also known for its soothing spa culture, with thermal baths and wellness centers. Cheb’s proximity to the picturesque Slavkov Forest and Frantiskovy Lazne, another spa town, makes it an ideal base for nature enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation. While Cheb may not be as bustling or famous as some other Czech destinations, it provides a quieter and more authentic Czech experience, with the advantage of being less crowded and more budget-friendly for travelers looking to explore a different side of the country.

History of Cheb

Cheb boasts a rich and diverse history dating back over a thousand years. Founded in the 12th century, it became a prominent trade and cultural center on the crossroads of important European trade routes. Throughout its history, Cheb witnessed numerous significant events. It was a key stop for merchants traveling between Bohemia, Germany, and other parts of Europe, contributing to its prosperity. The town’s architecture reflects its historical significance, with well-preserved medieval buildings, including the iconic Black Tower and the Romanesque St. Nicholas Church.

Cheb faced periods of turmoil, including the Hussite Wars and the Thirty Years’ War, which brought destruction and economic hardship. In the 19th century, the town experienced industrialization and economic growth.

After World War II, Cheb’s German-speaking population was expelled, reshaping the town’s demographics. Today, Cheb stands as a charming town, blending its historical heritage with modern life, inviting tourists to explore its fascinating past and picturesque streets.

Things to do in Cheb

Explore the Old Town

Wander through the charming cobblestone streets of Cheb’s historic Old Town. Admire the well-preserved medieval architecture, including colorful facades, townhouses, and Gothic-style buildings.

Black Tower (Černá věž)

Climb to the top of the Black Tower for panoramic views of Cheb and the surrounding countryside. It’s an iconic landmark and provides an excellent photo opportunity.

St. Nicholas Church (Kostel svatého Mikuláše)

Visit this Romanesque-style church known for its stunning interior and beautiful stained glass windows.

Cheb Castle (Chebský hrad)

Explore the ruins of Cheb Castle, which date back to the 12th century. While much of it is in ruins, it offers an intriguing glimpse into the town’s history.

Museum of Cheb

Learn more about the town’s history and culture by visiting the local museum. It houses a collection of artifacts and exhibits related to Cheb’s past.

The timeline of Cheb

In Cheb you can find a metal stipe or axis which narrates the history of the town by showing a timeline with the most relavant events and facts in history. You will be able to find it easily while strolling in the pedestrian area of the old town.

Metal timeline axis in Cheb, Czech Republic
Metal timeline axis in Cheb, Czech Republic

Relax in Spa Towns

Cheb is located near renowned spa towns like Frantiskovy Lazne and Marianske Lazne. Consider taking a day trip to these spa towns to unwind and enjoy wellness treatments.

Outdoor Activities

Explore the beautiful surrounding nature by hiking or cycling in the Slavkov Forest or along the Eger River.

Try Local Cuisine

Savor traditional Czech dishes at local restaurants and pubs. Don’t forget to sample Czech beer, which is highly regarded.

Where to stay in Cheb

Cheb offers a range of accommodations to suit various budgets and preferences. You can find comfortable hotels, charming guesthouses, and cozy bed-and-breakfasts within the town. For a more immersive experience, consider staying in an apartment in the Old Town to be close to the attractions.

Penzion Mašek

Our recommended place is Penzion Mašek. This is a family-managed establishment situated just outside of Cheb, only 2 kilometers from the city center and very close from the Skalka Dam along the Ohře River. This cozy retreat boasts a spacious garden, a communal kitchen, and a quaint pub, all equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi access. The garden area features amenities such as a playground, ping pong, pétanque, and a designated barbecue zone. Guests can even enjoy some fishing at the nearby small pond. Furthermore, the pension offers bicycle storage facilities, bicycle repair services, and Nordic walking equipment rentals. They provide with free private parking.

More options of acommodation in Cheb

How to get to the place

By Air

The nearest major international airport is Prague Václav Havel Airport (PRG), which is about a 2.5 to 3-hour drive from Cheb. From the airport, you can rent a car, take a shuttle, or use public transportation to reach Cheb.

By car

If you prefer driving, you can reach Cheb by car. The town is situated near the D6 and E48 motorways, making it accessible from Prague and other nearby cities. Be sure to have a map or GPS to navigate the road network.

By bus

Bus services also connect Cheb with neighboring towns and cities. You can check schedules and book tickets with local bus companies or through regional transportation providers.

By train

Cheb has a well-connected train station with regular services to and from major Czech cities like Prague and Plzeň. Trains are a convenient and scenic way to travel to Cheb, and the station is located in the town center.

By Bicycle

Cheb is part of the EuroVelo 4 and EuroVelo 7 cycling routes, making it accessible for cyclists. You can bike to Cheb if you’re on a long-distance cycling tour.

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Useful information about the place

Is English widely spoken in Cheb?

While English is not as commonly spoken as in larger cities, many locals in Cheb’s tourism industry can communicate in English.

Is Cheb near the German border?

Yes, Cheb is located near the German border, making it a convenient stop for travelers exploring both countries.

What is the best time to visit Cheb?

The best time to visit Cheb is during the spring and summer months (May to September) when the weather is pleasant for outdoor exploration.

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