Františkovy Lázně was for us simply a very positive surprise. We got there since it has plenty of options for accommodation and it is a popular destination for weekends from Dresden and prague. In this article we will share the knowledge we got and we  will  share our experience about what to do in Františkovy Lázně on a dream weekend. 

For us the town looked like a picturesque spa town in the western part of the Czech Republic, close to the German border. Very convenient for German tourists who can arrive by car and enjoyaible for everybody. It is known for its natural mineral springs and historic architecture. Františkovy Lázně can be a charming destination for tourists, especially those interested in relaxation, wellness, and cultural experiences.

A bit of history of Františkovy Lázně

Františkovy Lázně, located in the Czech Republic, is a renowned spa town with a rich history. Founded in 1793 by Emperor Francis II, it was named in his honor. This picturesque town gained prominence in the 19th century as a health resort known for its natural mineral springs and curative treatments. It attracted European nobility and intellectuals seeking relaxation and therapeutic benefits. Františkovy Lázně’s architectural heritage reflects the elegance of that era, with charming colonnades and historic buildings. Today, it continues to be a popular spa destination, offering visitors the opportunity to unwind in a serene, spa-centric environment with a touch of old-world charm.

What to do in Františkovy Lázně

Spa and Wellness

Františkovy Lázně is primarily famous for its spa treatments and mineral springs. Tourists come here to experience traditional spa therapies, including mineral baths, massages, and wellness programs. The town’s healing mineral waters are believed to have therapeutic properties.

Historic Architecture

The town features well-preserved architecture from the 19th century, with beautiful colonnades, parks, and ornate buildings. The Neo-Baroque Colonnade and the Cross Spring Pavilion are some of the architectural highlights.

Parks and Gardens

Františkovy Lázně is known for its green spaces and parks. The Smetana Park and the Boheminium Miniature Park are popular places to relax and take leisurely walks.

Cultural Attractions

Despite its small size, the town has a few cultural attractions, including museums like the Františkovy Lázně Museum, which provides insights into the town’s history and spa culture.

Outdoor Activities

The surrounding countryside offers opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. The region is relatively flat, making it suitable for easygoing outdoor adventures.


If you’re looking for a peaceful and quiet getaway, Františkovy Lázně can be an ideal choice. The town’s spa resorts and hotels are known for their tranquility and provide an atmosphere of relaxation.

Shopping and Dining

You’ll find quaint shops selling souvenirs and local products. The town also offers a variety of dining options where you can sample Czech cuisine and international dishes.

Day Trips

Františkovy Lázně is well-located for day trips to nearby destinations. You can explore other spa towns like Karlovy Vary or visit historical sites and castles in the region.

Where to eat

The town does have a variety of restaurants that cater to both locals and visitors. The dining options typically include Czech and international cuisine. The restaurant offerings in Františkovy Lázně may not be as extensive or diverse as in larger cities, but you can expect to find establishments that serve traditional Czech dishes, as well as some international options. Many restaurants in the town focus on using fresh and local ingredients.

During good weather weekends or vacation periods the restaurants can barely fit all the visitors, so it is better to make a reservation upfront. You can order food to your room using the local aplication Foodora but the only option available in 2023 is a kebab house of Cheb.

Where to stay

Many accommodations in the town are dedicated to health and relaxation, offering spa treatments, mineral springs, and wellness programs. The main tourist in town is a retired person who wants relaxation and enjoying life with cares and no rush at all. There are various hotels in different categories, from budget to luxury, which provide a range of amenities and services. Some visitors opt for self-catering apartments, which can be a good choice if you prefer more independent living.

How to get to Františkovy Lázně

By Car

If you have access to a car, you can drive to Františkovy Lázně. The town is well-connected by roads and highways, and it’s located near the German border, making it accessible from Germany as well.

By Train

The Czech Republic has an extensive railway network. You can take a train to Cheb, which is the nearest major railway station to Františkovy Lázně. From Cheb, you can continue your journey by local train, bus, or taxi to reach the town.

By Bus

There are bus services that connect Františkovy Lázně to other towns and cities in the region. You can check the schedules and book tickets with local bus companies.

By Air

The nearest major international airport to Františkovy Lázně is the Karlovy Vary Airport (approximately 45 kilometers away). From the airport, you can take a taxi or arrange for transportation to Františkovy Lázně. Alternatively, you can consider flying into Prague’s Václav Havel Airport and then taking a train or bus.

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Useful information

What is Františkovy Lázně known for?

Františkovy Lázně is renowned for its mineral springs and spa facilities, offering wellness and relaxation in a picturesque setting.

How do I get to Františkovy Lázně from Prague?

You can take a train or bus from Prague to Cheb and then continue by local transport.

Is it necessary to speak Czech to visit Františkovy Lázně?

While Czech is the primary language, many residents and businesses also understand German and English.

What are the best times to visit Františkovy Lázně?

The town is a year-round destination, but summer and early autumn are popular for outdoor activities.

What health and wellness treatments are available in the spas?

Spas in Františkovy Lázně offer various treatments, including mineral baths, massages, and wellness programs.

Is Františkovy Lázně suitable for families with children?

The town is family-friendly, with parks and activities for children, but it’s primarily known as a spa destination.

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