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Italy, officially the Italian Republic is a country consisting of a peninsula delimited by the Alps and several islands surrounding it. Italy is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, in Southern Europe.

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Qué ver en Milán

En este artículo obtendrás la información básica sobre los mejores lugares de Milán. Una lista sobre qué ver en Milán con sus principales atracciones.

Milano bucket list – Top Milan attractions

In this article you will get the basic information about the best places in Milano, the top Milan attractions. Let’s speak about the most important city of the North of Italy and one of the most important cities of the country. Touristically, Milano is less well-known compared with the most famous tourist cities of Italy.…

Venice post-pandemic. A visit to Venice stereotypes after COVID-19

To visit Venice post-pandemic is a trip to nowhere. Well, nowhere different. Nothing has changed since the Venice we knew from before. Venice is still overcrowded, almost worn out, pricey and decadent, but stunning, dreamy, great and a lesson of history itself at every corner.  How is to visit Venice post-pandemic? We have read that…

24 hours in Venice

It’s hard to name any more romantic city in the world than Venice. So it’s not surprising that it’s also hard to name one more crowded by tourists. But what to do if you have only a limited time in Venezia and would like to bring the most out of your time? How to visit…

8 amazing non-capital cities to visit in Europe

Have you already visited all the big capital cities in Europe?! This is great! But let’s not forget that capitals are usually multinational melting points, and regardless of the amazing sightseeing spots, you can face many catchy tricks, standardized offers, a crowd of tourists, and less authenticity. As they say, to understand the real sense…

The 15 most romantic islands in the world

Looking for a romantic trip idea or the perfect island vacation? This list is not in order of preference, but obviously includes all our favorites, all the romantic, dreamy and lovely islands from all over the world that we love. So let’s review the 15 most romantic islands in the world – according to Besides…

Ohhhh Napoli

Ohhh!!! Napoli la meravellosa ciutat italiana, la ciutat que ens va portar un dels menjars més famosos i mundialment coneguts com és la pizza. Perquè sí, la pizza es va crear a Nàpols. La primera pizza i la innovació mundial va ser la Pizza Margarita una pizza molt senzilla pel que podem fer ara amb…

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