Győr is a a baroque city. Everywhere you go in Győr in one day will remind you of that architectural style. You can take a stroll and admire the diverse buildings, monuments and historic houses of the old center. 

Nevertheless, Győr is a very real city for real people. This is the third largest city in Hungary, located in the Transdanubia region in Győr-Moson-Sopron County. It is known to be the “City of the Rivers”, since it is in the location where the Danube (Mosoni Duna) Rába and Rábica rivers converge.

  • Györ in one day
  • Györ in one day
  • Györ in one day
  • Györ in one day
  • Györ in one day
  • Györ in one day

For visitors, Győr is an easy city to walk around, since all the tourist attractions are within walking distance in the city center. Győr is a perfect cityscape to visit in one day at ease. Local vibe, good food and low prices are the most remarkable assets of the town besides its natural beauty.

What to see in Győr in one day

Bécsi Kapu Tér

This is one of the most beautiful squares in Győr. Its west side was also called the Vienna Gate because it was the entry point for travelers from the Austrian capital. Due to the location of Győr, a good stopover between Vienna and Budapest, the city always had a continuous traffic of merchants who went from one to another of the capitals.

Overall, it is a very beautiful square that every visitor can admire and enjoy. For kids, you may know that there exists a funny touristy train departing from here!

Basilica of Győr

Officially, The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady (Hungarian: Mennyekbe Fölvett Boldogságos Szűz Mária székesegyház). It is the most important Catholic temple in the city, dating back to the 11th century although restored by the Italian Giovanni Battista, preserving it to this day.

It is a must-do visit in any itinerary through the city. Its exterior is austere although in its interior there are authentic artistic treasures.

Castle and Episcopal Palace

In Hungarian, Püspökvár-Toronykilátó. The building has a permanent exhibition dedicated to the life of the martyr bishop Apor, a bishop who during World War II defended the Jewish population. In addition, you can get very beautiful views of the city, from the top after climbing its 200 steps. 

The schedule to visit it is from 10 am to 4 pm, and the entrance price is 700 HUF per person. You cannot purchase the ticket in the same building but in another one nearby. There you will be able to spot the sacral mask of Szent László with the Diocesan Treasury, Library and Lapidary.

Town Hall 

In Hungarian Városháza, is on the intersection between the east-west Szent István út and the north-south Baross út. The building is an instantly recognisable sight and icon in Hungary. It was a neo-Baroque design project of the architect Hübner Jenő in the 1890s.

Győr’s Synagogue

Győr’s Neolog synagogue was erected at the end of the 1860s in the neo-Romanesque style, and testifies the relevance of the city’s industrialists at this time. The building has real architectural significance as it was used as a template for synagogues across central Europe in the late-19th century. The synagogue is a little worn-out but some work of restoration is ongoing.

How to get to Győr


To get to Győr the train is the best option. The city is located on the Vienna-Budapest international railway route, so the international train lines stop in Győr. This strategic location is historical as we said in the beginning of this article.  Either from Budapest or Vienna, it is better to book in advance. We recommend to check your ticket fares on Trainline.


To rent a car to get to Győr is a convinient option. The geographical location of Győr is excellent and the city itself has good traffic infrastructure. 

  • From Austria: After crossing the border in Hegyeshalom on the Highway M1 (direction Budapest), choose exit ‘Győr-Észak’. Hegyeshalom border crossing is approximately 40 minutes driving to cover 50km distance from Győr. 
  • From Budapest: On the motorway M1 (direction Győr/Vienna) choose exit ‘Győr-Centrum’. The trip is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes driving to cover 121 km distance.


To get to Győr is possible by bus from many of the capitals around. The most convenient option is to check the routes on Flixbus.

Private Transfer

It is possible to hire a private transfer from Budapest or any other city around to Győr. This options is not the cheapest but indeed is the most comfortable one. We recommend Kiwi Taxi for your private transfers.

Where to stay in Győr

In Győr, there are many options to stay for the night. Mainly all of them are quite surprising due to the good value for your money. The standards of the town are high and its prices very reasonable. Check the accommodations for you on Booking.

What to visit nearby after Győr in one day!

Fortunately, Hungary is a very rich territory in terms of what to do or what to visit. Here you are some options around Győr!

  • Lake Balaton: Enjoy the most visited lake in Hungary and discover why is the favorite of many tourist and who a very important character spent his honeymoon there!
  • Keszthely: Visit one of the most important towns on the lake, enjoy its beaches and one of the most important palaces in Hungary.
  • Veszprém: One of the most unspoiled beautiful towns in Central Europe. It is a real gem. Take your odds and don’t miss it!
  • Tapolca: Simply awesome. Just a stroll around downtown will justify the trip. Anyhow don’t miss its Malom-tó and the Lake Cave. 
  • Héviz: Would you like to enjoy one of the oldest thermal lakes in Europe? Discover why it has been appreciated since so long time ago!

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