Visit the Penyafort Castle – in the heart of Penedés

This Sunday morning we decided to visit some places in the heart of Penedés, in Catalonia. One of our choice was the Penyafort Castle (Castell de Penyafort), which is located to the south of the town of Santa Margarida i els Monjos, next to the river Foix.

History of the Penyafort Castle

Penyafort Castle was originally a defence tower dating from the 12th century. From 1602, the complex was extended with several buildings and it was transformed into a Dominican convent with a church.

When to visit the Penyafort Castle?

If you wish to visit Penyafort Castle you need to get there on Sundays, between 10:30 & 12:00. They organize two guided tours at 11:00 and at 12:00. After they close again. The castle is closed during the whole week. But if you want to have a visit on a different day than Sunday, you can call them directly: (+34) 669 287 539 to arrange your visit.

During the organised visit you will embark on a long journey starting in the Catalan count’s reconquest, to continue with the implementation of the Catholic counter-reform, the confiscations and the industrial revolution, until the outbreak of war in 1936 and the subsequent arrival of the first American tourists.

Things to see in the Penyafort Castle

The hiking route up to the Penyafort Castle

This picturesque hiking route that goes up the Penyafort Castle is already worth it. It has a nice wooden fence, given a frame to your hike and in the end of the road you can already see the medieval Circular Tower.

Old Dominican Convent

The complex comprises several buildings, arranged in a U-shape and built from 1602, becoming a Dominican convent. With a single-nave church and two wings of rectangular plant, with the ground floor destined to agricultural uses and the floor to residential spaces. The floor occupies the front and side of the building. There is a space dedicated to kitchen, bathrooms, and a large living room. In total there are sixteen bedrooms in the complex.

The Circular Tower

The oldest remains belong to the Circular Tower. Which is surrounded by several rooms in a semi-circular shape that made up the house where San Raimundo de Penyafort (1185-1275) was born. He was a church figure who became general of the Dominican order and confessor to King Jaume 1st and Pope Gregorio 9th. He also established the foundations of canon law. Which has turned him into the patron saint of jurists, lawyers and law faculties.

Mural Paintings

The interior of the Circural Tower preserves some very interesting mural paintings. Also a Gothic vault with a key that shows the coat of arms of the Espuny. They were the lords of the castle in the late Middle Ages.

Where to stay around the Penyafort Castle

Around Penyafort Castle there are not many accommodation options. But in the Penedés county we can some very nice options, rural houses for rent and some hotels too. Take a look at the below selection!

How to get to the Penyafort Castle

We have arrived by motorbike. On the same route (N-340, old national road) you can get there by car too. There is free parking just at the bottom of the castle. Besides that, the castle lays on a very popular biking and hiking route. So you can also arrive with your bike or even walking.

Looking for more castles?

During our trips across Camp de Tarragona region we have discovered many beautiful medieval castles too. Gaia is one of the rivers running through the region of Tarragona. In the 10th and 11th centuries played a strategic role. As it made a natural border between the County of Barcelona and Al-Andalus. For this reason, along its course, near fifty castles and some watchtowers were built to stop the Muslim invasion. Take a look!

Best experiences in Penedés

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