Top things to do in Blanes

The top things to do in Blanes, on Costa Brava

Blanes is a town and municipality in the comarca of Selva in Girona, Catalonia. During Roman rule it was named Blanda or Blandae. It is known as the “Gateway to the Costa Brava”. Its coast is part of the Costa Brava, which stretches from Blanes to the French border. The township is 18.29 km2. Blanes is a popular tourist town, and it is known for the Concurs de Focs d’Artifici during the Santa Anna festival. This event includes many fireworks. Other places of interest include beutiful viewing points from the castle and the mountains, botanical gardens, coves such as the Cala Bona, and beaches that are surrounded by mountains.

Why to visit Lloret de Mar in 2022?

Lloret de Mar is a little beach town on Costa Brava. It is only 75 km away from Barcelona and 40km from Girona. Hence it’s a popular summer destination from both cities. Also, many charter flights are arriving specifically to Lloret de Mar (via Girona airport). So it’s a common vacation spot for foreigners – all age groups – to spend here 1-2 weeks during the season. Since Lloret de Mar is that popular among tourist, of course you can enjoy many tourism related facilities, beach services and bars, great restaurants, special offers, nightlife and so on. But on the other hand, most of the time the places get very busy. But if you are looking for a vivid beach town with many services, programs and party options, Lloret is definitely your place. Let’s see now main reasons why to visit LLoret de Mar!

Sitges the pride of Catalonia

Sitges – The pride of Catalonia

Sitges is love at first sight. It’s is so beautiful, so charming, so lovely. You hardly can imagine any more romantic place. The only problem is the number of tourists who also already noticed the beauty of this place. But if you are getting there off-season, you can easily enjoy this pearl in Catalonia.

calella de palafrugell guide

Calella de Palafrugell – A romantic dream on Costa Brava

We had the chance to visit Calella de Palafrugell in winter, on a sunny day in December. Actually, winter here is like late spring in Eastern Europe. People still can have a bath in the sea. The sun is still strong enough to enjoy sunbathing. And the terraces are full of people ordering their tapas. Calella de Palafrugell is tiny, it’s not much more than a couple of cute streets. But let’s see now our complete Calella de Palafrugell guide in detail!

Empuriabrava the largest residential marina in Europe

Empuriabrava, the largest residential marina in Europe

We can find Empuriabrava in the Gulf of Roses, surrounded by the Natural Park of the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà. Empuriabrava, the largest residential marina in Europe has some 24 km of navigable waterways. The construction of Empuriabrava started in 1964 and completed in 1975. The town quickly became a tourist community. Nowdays, the town has more than 40 km of canals and a seasonal, summer population of around 80,000.

best things in roda de bera

To Roda de Berà with love & the 10 best things to explore around

Roda de Berà has a very special place in our heart. Since Besides the Obvious is based here for almost two years. During this time, and especially during the pandemic we had a lot of time to discover this picturesque village. By now we know almost every corner of it. So let’s review the 10 best things in Roda de Bera!

day trip to montserrat

A day trip to Montserrat – Un día de lluvia en Barcelona – part 3.

1 About the “Un día de lluvia en Barcelona” series2 About Montserrat3 What to visit during your day trip to Montserrat3.1 Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey3.2 The Black Virgin in the Basilica of Montserrat3.3 The colorful candles on Cami de l’Ave Maria3.4 The facade of the Cathedral3.5 The contrast of nature & architecture3.6 Arches & …

perfect medieval village

The perfect medieval village: Montfalcó Murallat

Either if you are an expert in medieval villages or not, Montfalcó Murallat, the perfect medieval village will stun you. Montfalcó Murallat is authentic, real and unknown. Everybody likes Medieval villages and that makes them touristy and usually overcrowded. This is not happening in Montfalcó Murallat. The village dates from 11th Century in the Romanesque …

what to do on a rainy day in barcelona

What to do on a rainy day in Barcelona?! Un día de lluvia en Barcelona – part 2.

This article is the second chapter of the “Un día de lluvia en Barcelona” series. We would like to give you some ideas about what people could do on a rainy day in Barcelona city. The plan is to provide you with a complete itinerary for a day when the weather is not that pleasant, …

The castle of guimera

A hidden gem in Lleida province – The Castle of Guimerà

Recently we had the chance to travel a bit in Catalonia, as for Easter break it was finally allowed to leave the counties. Of course, we immediately lived with the opportunity and made a little “vuelta” including Vall de Boí, Vall d’Aran, and some medieval remains of Lleida province, like Guimerà as well. Guimerà is …

penedès by bicycle

Bicycle tourism in Penedès Region, Catalonia – Interview with BIKEMOTIONS

Probably the best way to discover Penedès is by bicycle. This is the interview with Bikemotions, a bicycle tourism services company located in Subirats. We got a promotional video where we saw a train station surrounded by vineyards. It had a large parking lot with bikes for rent. We thought that was an attractive offer, …

Bikemotions penedès en bicicleta

Turisme en bicicleta pel Penedès – Entrevista amb BIKEMOTIONS

Segurament la millor manera de descobrir el Penedès és el turisme en bicicleta. Aquesta és la entrevista amb Bikemotions, una empresa de serveis turístics en bicicleta ubicada a Subirats.  Ens va arribar un vídeo promocional on es veia una estació de tren envoltada de vinyes amb un gran aparcament de bicicletes per llogar. Ens va …

UNESCO World Heritage route in Vall de Boí

Vall de Boí – The route of the UNESCO World Heritage Catalan Romanesque Churches

We propose here the UNESCO World Heritage route in Vall de Boí, along the Catalan Romanesque Churches included in UNESCO World Heritage List on 30th November 2000. According to UNESCO’s criteria, this set of churches of the Catalan Pyrenees shows significant developments in Romanesque art and architecture and testifies to profound cultural interchange across medieval …

Interview with “Magyar Vándor” – the Hungarian Wanderer from Barcelona

For Hungarian version click here. A magyar verziót itt éred el. BTO – Could you please give us a short introduction to “Magyar Vándor Barcelona”? MV – The visitors to Barcelona have the opportunity to discover the mysteries of the city and the narrow alleys not known to everyone with the Hungarian-language tours led by …

magyar vándor barcelona

Interjú a Magyar Vándorral, Barcelónából

For the English version please click here. A Barcelonába látogatóknak lehetősége nyílik a “Magyar Vándor Barcelona” által vezetett magyar nyelvű túrákkal a város rejtélyeit felfedezni, a nem mindenki által ismert szűk sikátorokba betekinteni. Az élményt gazdagítják a város egyetlen idegenvezetői engedéllyel rendelkező magyar túravezető, Dani (aki immár 18 éve él a katalán fővárosban) szenvedéllyel teli …

Interview with Vicenç Ferré, president of the wine DO Tarragona

We think that wine has a deep influence on the culture and identity of Tarragona Region. Therefore, we wanted to speak with someone relevant to represent the Denomination of Origin Tarragona. We wrote them directly, to an e-mail address found on the Internet and they offered the phone number of the President of DO Tarragona. …

Renau Catalonia

A short visit to Renau – Mare de Déu de Loreto Hermitage by Josep Maria Jujol

Have you ever heard of the village of Renau? No, don’t associate it with the French car brand! 😉 Renau is actually a municipality in Tarragonès county, in Catalonia. Josep Maria Jujol designed many small churches, sanctuaries, theaters, and even homes throughout the Camp de Tarragona region, including in the village of Renau: The Mare de Déu de Loreto Hermitage, inaugurated …

Ruta del Ferro to Sant Joan de les Abadesses: An electric scooter route

We went to the Pyrenees range and we designed an electric scooter route from Campdevànol to Sant Joan de les Abadesses. This route includes a piece of regular road from Campdevànol to Ripoll and a piece of a green path, a completly car-free lane from Ripoll to Sant Joan de les Abadesses or the other …

modernist church of vistabella

The modernist church of Vistabella by Josep Maria Jujol

The church of the Sacred Heart or in Catalan: Església del Sagrat Cor de Vistabella is a modernist church in the village of Vistabella, in Tarragona province. This modernist church of Vistabella was declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest by agreement of the government in 2011. A protective environment was also delimited to ensure …

The Sanctuary of Montferri – One of the wonders by Josep Maria Jujol

The Sanctuary of Montferri or as it is officially called the “Our Lady of Montserrat Sanctuary” or in Catalán: “La Mare de Déu de Montserrat“, is one of the most representative works in the Alt Camp region in Catalonia by Josep Maria Jujol. 1 The history of the “Our Lady of Montserrat Sanctuary“2 The architect: …

Interview Gener Aymamí

Interview with Gener Aymamí, author of hiking books in Catalonia

This is the interview with Gener Aymamí i Domingo (Reus 1951), a versatile man but apparently he has always been attached to various ways of knowing the Catalan territory. He holds a degree in Hispanic Archeology from the UB (Barcelona University) and has been responsible for the journal Excursionisme of the Unió Excursionista de Catalunya …

Interview Gener Aymamí

Entrevista amb Gener Aymamí, autor de llibres d’excursionisme a Catalunya

Aquesta és l’entrevista amb Gener Aymamí i Domingo (Reus 1951), un home polifacètic, però que pel que sembla sempre ha estat enganxat a diverses formes de conèixer el territori. És diplomat en Arqueologia Hispànica per la UB i ha estat durant vint-i-cinc anys responsable de la revista Excursionisme de la Unió Excursionista de Catalunya, entitat que també presidí. …

10 reasons why to visit Salou

10 reasons why to visit Salou in 2021

Salou is a municipality of the comarca of Tarragonès, in Catalonia. The city is approximately 10 km from Tarragona and as well as from Reus, located on the sandy Costa Daurada, and 112 km from Barcelona. Salou was founded by the Greeks in the 6th century BC, and this coastal town became a notable commercial port during the medieval and modern ages, while throughout the 20th century, …

Altafulla – The town of thousand magic gates on Costa Daurada, in Catalonia, Spain

This is an article about what to see in Altafulla, a coastal gem on Costa Daurada with an impressive historic heritage. Altafulla is mainly known because of its beach. Costa Daurada itelf is famous for the sandy coastline and lovely beaches, but this territory is much more than that. And besides their amazing and not …

Entrevista amb la Dolors Torné del Celler Cal Serafí a Torredembarra – Versió en Català

Aquesta és la entrevista a la propietària de Cal Serafí, un icònic celler al vell mig del centre històric de Torredembarra. És la Dolors, que de seguida ens va respondre per correu electrònic que es prestava a fer l’entrevista. Hem quedat a les quatre, quan el celler està tancat i ens rep amb dues persones …

Interview with Dolors Torné, Cal Serafí wine-shop, Torredembarra – English version

Here you can read an interview with the owner of Cal Serafí, the iconic wine-shop in the old part of the historic center of Torredembarra. She is Dolors Torné, who immediately answered us by e-mail and kindly accepted to do the interview. We met at 4 p.m. when the wine-shop is usually closed and she …


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