This page collects all our Travel Stories from Morocco, in a trip from Marrakech to Gambia across Sahara Desert to sub-Saharan black Africa about the existence of hidden private ancient book collections.

Morocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, is the northwesternmost country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and has land borders with Algeria to the east, and the disputed territory of Western Sahara to the south.

As you might know our mission is to share something relevant, something authentic, something real, something cool, something interesting, something personal & something different, via our travel stories & images. We are focusing on ideas from local sources, giving tips that are usually unknown for travelers and foreigners, guides to secret places which only the guy from the given neighborhood could know about, to the hidden picturesque view, with recommending everything besides the obvious: the local real feel, the adventure of discovering the unknown, the authenticity, culinary guide to the meals that locals are really cooking and eating at home, and much more. Hope you will read our Travel Stories from Morocco, feel inspired and enjoy the journey, as much as we do!

Sidi Ifni travel guide – Spanish flavour in Morocco

This is a Sidi Ifni travel guide, an old Spanish territory in the current Morocco, one of the last colonial dreams along the African Atlantic Coast.  The libraries of the desert route. Part IV It took the whole day to me to arrive to Sidi Ifni from Ouarzazate. There are no direct buses neither trains…

Ksars, Oasis y una ruta en bicicleta por Draa-Tafilalet, Marruecos

El verano en Marruecos puede ser duro o muy duro. Y yo llevaba una idea que empeoraba las cosas. Una bici. Había leído sobre los atractivos de la ciudad de Ouarzazate y las posibilidades de acercarme a multitud de impresionantes lugares en sus cercanías, en la región de región de Draa-Tafilalet. Visto sobre mapa, las distancias eran perfectas…

Survivors of a Kasbah, Ouarzazate, Morocco

This is an article about the lifestyle of the old Kasbah of Ouarzazate in Morocco. The libraries of the desert route. Part II  I had spent the day, backpack in tow, through Marrakech. It had not been a bad day at all, Marrakech is always a good plan. But I was tired and there is…

Supervivientes de una Kasbah: Un viaje a Ouarzazate, Marruecos.

Esta es la historia de un viaje a Ouarzazate, un lugar mágica que se convirtió en mucho más que una simple escala gracias a su gente y su Kasbah. Las bibliotecas del desierto. Parte II Había pasado el día, mochila a cuestas, por Marrakech. No había sido un mal día, Marrakech es siempre un buen…

Marrakech. La puerta del norte al desierto

Fue en un viaje de Marrakech a Gambia a través del desierto del Sahara hasta el África negra subsahariana. Como bibliotecario, sabía de la existencia de colecciones privadas de libros antiguos ocultos en casas familiares en medio del Sahel mauritano. Esos libros habían pasado de generación en generación desde época medieval a lo largo del…

Marrakech. The northern gate to the desert

This is an article about sightseeing in one single day in Marrakech. The libraries of the desert route. Part I It was in a trip from Marrakech to Gambia across Sahara Desert till sub-Saharan black Africa. As a librarian I knew about the existence of hidden private ancient book collections in family houses in the…

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