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Poland is a country located in Central Europe. It is divided into 16 administrative provinces. Covering an area of 312,696 km2, and has a largely temperate seasonal climate. Poland has a population of nearly 38.5 million people. It is the fifth-most populous member state of the European Union.

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Bordeaux Place de la Bourse

8 amazing non-capital cities to visit in Europe

Have you already visited all the big capital cities in Europe?! This is great! But let’s not forget that capitals are usually multinational melting points, and regardless of the amazing sightseeing spots, you can face many catchy tricks, standardized offers, a crowd of tourists, and less authenticity. As they say, to understand the real sense …

Wroclaw Besides the Obvious

Bridges, Squares and Goblins. Wroclaw, Poland

I never heard about Wroclaw before, neither about its Goblins. I was going often to Warsaw for personal reasons. I had visited Krakow a couple of times during those weekends when to go and to come back for a short trip was still easy and most of the times cheap. Especially from Barcelona thanks to Wizzair or Ryanair`s low-cost …

Wroclaw Besides the Obvious

Puentes, plazas y Gnomos. Wroclaw, Polonia

Nunca había oído antes hablar de Wroclaw, aún menos de sus gnomos. Iba con frecuencia a Varsovia por motivos personales. Había visitado un par de veces Cracovia durante aquellos fines de semana en que ir y venir por dos o tres días era fácil y muchas veces barato, desde Barcelona, gracias a los vuelos low-cost de Wizzair o …

Varsòvia Besides the Obvious

Allò que trobaré a faltar de Varsòvia

Un tipus de llista molt personal de coses a fer a Varsòvia, si aneu a la ciutat. Em va agradar anar en bicicleta per aquí, la ribera i el passeig en bici pel riu, sobretot des de Most Gdanski fins a Cud nad Wisla, i vaig fer aquest viatge incomptables vegades així que tinc records …

Warsaw Besides the Obvious

It’s the final countdown

How to spend your last days in a country that you’re about to leave for good? I was writing down my thoughts 7 months ago… when I actually moved out from Warsaw and change my address for sunny Barcelona. It might be (or not) useful for someone who is going through the same one day. …

Barcelona Besides the obvious

The last good-bye?

We’ll meet again for sure! Or just simply not… and it’s fine too! A last good-bye. I’m already after many last meetings, last coffees, farewell parties, last hugs… repeating the same last conversation for hundred times… And then the last hug and the last sentence: ‘All the very best & good luck in your new …

Warsaw Besides the Obvious

About the ‘shiny’ expat life

A shiny expat life and its stages. When I was a kid and my parents were traveling abroad without me and my brother, and when they came back home and told us all the stories from their trip and brought us Toblerone (!) that was not available in Hungary then (I’m talking about the years …

Varsòvia Besides the Obvious

What I’ll really miss from Warsaw

Kind of a personal Warsaw to-do-list, if you are visiting the city! I loved biking here, the riverbank and the bike ride along the river especially from Most Gdanski till Cud nad Wisla, I made this trip uncountable times and having very nice memories, especially from summertime, which is actually really nice in Warsaw. Kind …

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